Enterprise Broadband
DNA having correlated with Google, Microsoft and Akamai attends to contribute great content which is open to all clients regionally. Google - the search engine and a significant content provider will facilitate to:

- Upload and download large attachments on Gmail
- Watch HD, Ultra HD or 3D movies and videos without buffering
- Easy access to Google Map and Google Earth
- Local availability of prominent worldwide websites hosted on Akamai Cloud.
- Watch Live World Cup Football and ICC World Cup through Akamai
- Access to frequently visited websites like Apple, Microsoft, Hotstar, and various Live TV Apps.

Do You Know?
- An establishment for a direct optical Fiber Connectivity has been made by DNA with an ability of 10 Gbps up to Google’s Data Center located at Prabhadevi, Mumbai.
- A server farm by Google has been stationed in DNA’s Mumbai & Pune NOC to intensify the user experience of our clients.
- Akamai has similarly extended its server farm which improves the usage of GBPS Clients in DNA’s Virar NOC.
- Akamai has similarly extended its server farm which improves the user experience of DNA Clients in DNA’s Mumbai & Pune NOC.
- DNA gives access to Google, Youtube as well as Akamai at 30 Mbps speed irrespective of the internet plan that a user has subscribed.
-No extra charges are imposed for providing this 50 Mbps of Value Added Content by DNA to any subscriber.

DNA Broadband services in Malad, Santacruz, Vakola, Goregaon
DNA started service in Baner, Balewadi, Kadhaki, Bhosari – Pune
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