What Are The 7 Benefits Of Having A WiFi Network According To WiFi Service Provider

When a wireless internet connection is shared by multiple devices at home or in the office it is termed a WiFi network. A WiFi network can be described as a wireless technology that makes use of radio waves to transmit data. The wireless router is directly connected to the internet modem which acts as a core and sends internet signals to all the WiFi-enabled devices. As long as you stay in the range of the WiFi network, you will get the internet on your device.

Many of you must be wondering from where did the term WiFi come from or who invented it? WiFi is generally considered as the short form of Wireless Fidelity. But this is not the case.

A marketing company created this term a few years back in order to give a user-friendly name to some technical terms used in the context of wireless networks like IEEE 802.11. And, the rest is history. Across the world, it became popular as WiFi. 

Advantages of WiFi 

Let’s see what are the advantages of using a WiFi network provided by the WiFi service provider which makes it gain ground over other types of internet networks:

1. Easy to configure

In a wireless network, many users are allowed to get connected to the same network simultaneously. Within a few seconds, you can connect through the router. No configuration is required. Whereas in wired networks it is more time-consuming to configure and allow the users to get connected to the network. The ease with which you can use the WiFi network makes it more suitable for home as well as office. 

2. Portability

While using the best WiFi plans in Pune you need not sit all day in front of your PC to do your work. As long as you are in the WiFi connection range, you can move freely working on your mobile or tablet. May it be checking emails,  reading financial reports, or making any bank transaction. You can do everything on the move with a WiFi network provided by home broadband in Shivaji Nagar.

3. Increases productivity

Being able to work with speed from any location with the help of a WiFi network, the employees find it really helpful in getting the work done without facing any technical glitches. This has been a boon especially in the pandemic times when all employees were compelled to work from home due to covid-19.  As the employees are able to complete their tasks in time and meet the deadlines, it helps the companies to increase their productivity. 

4. Setting -up WiFi connection

Installing a WiFi connection does not require investing a lot of time and is comparatively easier than a wired connection. It doesn’t involve laying cables to provide connection. While choosing unlimited WiFi plans for home or office, the installation work would be done in no time. The additional cost of laying a wired line can be avoided by opting for a WiFi network.

5. Easy expansion

If you wish to add more employees to the existing WiFi network, you need not install any additional device or router. By using correct Wireless LAN Credentials you can add more users to the network who can have access to the WiFi internet network. This saves a lot of effort and time.

6. Cost effective

As compared to the networks which are wired, WiFi internet connection is cost-efficient. It saves cost, especially at the time of installation as no wired cables are to be laid. Even afterward the maintenance cost is comparatively low as there are no repairs and replacement costs which is to be incurred in wired networks. Companies can save substantially by opting for Wireless networks and also give mobility to their employees as they do not have to stick to their desks to get the work done. You can get the best WiFi connection in Pune with varied plans.

7. Speed

Though the speed in a WiFi network is a little lower than a wired network it could be resolved by going for a combination of the wired and wireless networks. This will be budget-friendly, will give desired speed and performance and employees who need mobility can also be benefited by this combination internet connection. You can get in touch with us, the best WiFi service provider in Pune for any assistance regarding a new internet connection.